Realtor Brittany Leighton Brokers License

Realtor Brittany Leighton Gets Her Real Estate Broker’s License

19 Sep 2016 0

Southern California Berkshire Hathaway Realtor Brittany Leighton is proud to announce that she recently received her real estate broker’s license, which means that is is even better prepared to assist clients with their real estate purchase and sale-related needs. 

What is a Real Estate Broker’s License?

A real estate broker is a step above real estate agent and as such, brokers are equipped to provide a wider range of services to clients, including accepting earnest money deposits and establishing a new escrow account for a client. 

In California, the criteria for getting a real estate broker’s license is quite stringent, far surpassing the requirements for obtaining a real estate agent’s license. In fact, simply obtaining your broker’s license is quite an accomplishment — a true testament to Brittany Leighton’s expertise. 

Real estate brokers like Brittany Leighton are subject to more intensive background and criminal history checks, as a broker is authorized to perform a number of additional money-related dealings that require an exceptional and uncompromising level of honesty and integrity. Applicants with a criminal history are typically not permitted to sit for the two-part exam, which includes a state-specific section and a national section. 

Real estate brokers are only eligible to be licensed if they have spent at least two of the past five years working as a real estate agent. Of course, Brittany Leighton had no trouble meeting this requirement, as she has been actively working as a Realtor for many years.

Additionally, California’s real estate broker licensing requirements include the completion of at least eight college-level courses on specific topics, such as real estate practice, real estate law, real estate finance, real estate appraisal, real estate economics, accounting, mortgage loan brokering, mortgage lending, property management, real estate office administration, computer applications in real estate and common interest developments. 

This license can also be useful to real estate professionals who wish to open a real estate brokerage firm. 

Brittany Leighton holds membership with several professional organizations, including The Orange County Association of Realtors, The California Association of Realtors and The National Association of Realtors.


Brittany Leighton, of Berkshire Hathaway and Brittany Leighton & Associates, Inc. specializes in luxury property sales in Southern California, including Orange County.

If you’re ready to sell your home or wish to buy real estate in Southern California, turn to an award-winning real estate agent, Realtor Brittany Leighton. Call 949.480.7178.

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